Companies and people over 18 years of age are entitled to apply. Employees of Startup Germany e.V. and their relatives, as well as minors, are not allowed to participate.

To take part in the competition, the person entitled to participate must correctly fill out the form When the deadline for participation in the competition expires attendees are selected by a judges panel off among all entitled applications who fulfil the requirements. The selected people will be notified via the email address specified.

Applicants must enter the necessary data in the electronic registration form in order to qualify for effectively participating in the competition. Please note that only those applications which provide their complete data records will participate in the competition. Email addresses will be added to Startup Germany e.V.’s Newsletter list.

You may only participate in the competition under your own name/the name of the company you represent. You are not allowed to compete using a straw man. Every applicant (company or person) is only allowed to participate once. Multiple entries disqualify applicants from the competition. The same applies to entering false or someone else’s data (name, address, email address). The (possible) rights to participate cannot be transferred.


As described here:

Cash payment of the prize is not possible.

The applicants’ data is only collected and processed by Startup Germany e.V. for the purpose of staging the competition, respectively forwarded to the companies commissioned to stage the competition. Legal action is ruled out.

Startup Germany e.V. will process and use the personal data received in connection with this competition within the framework of statutory regulations for sending information about its products or information events. This data shall not be sent to third parties for other purposes.

Startup Germany e.V. collects, stores and processes the participants’ data for the purpose of staging the competition in accordance with statutory regulations. The personal data necessary for participation is not forwarded to third parties. Every participant is entitled to revoke his/her participation and his approval of the storage and use of his/her data. Participation ends when the data is deleted. For revocations, cancellations and inquiries about data protection please contact us by email at or written notification to Startup Germany e.V., Großbeerenstraße 89, 10963 Berlin. There is no legal right of participation in the competition. The term of the competition is limited from 13.02.2017-19.03.2017.

When you participate in the competition, you agree to the above-mentioned conditions.

Exclusion from participation

Startup Germany e.V. reserves the right to expand the above-mentioned group of people and companies excluded from participating to include additional persons/companies insofar as such exclusion is objectively justified. An objective reason shall in particular be, if it is determined that an applicant violates the ban on multiple participation or in any other way violates the conditions of participations. People/companies who hinder or disturb the proper staging of the competition by, for instance, manipulating the participation process, the competition and/or the pages or attempt to do so and/or violate the rules of the competition and/or otherwise try to influence the competition in an unfair and/or dishonest way, in particular through disturbance, threat, harassment of employees/disruption of the organiser’s software or other participants, can also be banned from participating. Insofar we explicitly reserve the right to sanctions and measures (compensation, criminal charge).

Expiration, new drawing

Insofar as it is not possible to present the prize because it proves impossible to notify a person and/or because it is not possible to deliver the prize and this cannot be repeated within a week after the draw, the right to the prize shall be forfeited, and a new draw will be held. The same applies if it is only determined after the draw that a winner was ruled out of participation or the prerequisites for exclusion are fulfilled or were fulfilled