Tech Rally VR Now Con is over

The Tech Rally VR Now Con has ended after an intensive week with 13 teams from all over Europe and a final pitch battle.

We brought teams and companies together which significantly ageprove the immersive VR experience from content, hardware to core technologies.

The bootcamp in Berlin included mentorship, pitch training, networking and much more to accelerate development and give everybody the opportunity to present their products.

The winners of the pitch battle are:

  1. Sense Glove from Adjuvo
  2. BeThere von Oniride
  3. Another World VR with their project Kobold

You can enjoy the whole pitch battle at YouTube.

During the Barcamp (an unconference) everybody was invited to talk and discuss about XR from deep technological challenges to business models. The attendees came from a variety of fields which enabled the possibility to connect and debate about interdisciplinary topics.

We’d like to thank once again our all partners, mentors and everybody who made this event possible.

More VR related events are coming in the future. We’re excited to connect the community to bring an immersive experience to everyone.